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Augmedix simplifies how physicians use EHRs by providing a technology-enabled documentation service for health systems and doctors. We are on a mission to re-humanize the doctor-patient relationship, and address the largest pain-point in the US healthcare system – the burden of documentation. The Augmedix service saves doctors an average of 15 hours per week, enabling them to see more patients and spend more time with their existing patients. What we see as a result is increased provider satisfaction, improved patient experience, higher quality patient notes, and timely note completion. We are partnered with several national health systems, with happy users from Alaska to Florida, serving tens of thousands of patients per month.

Augmedix co-founder

Ian Shakil, Chairman of the Board

Ian was born in Memphis, TN, and he grew up in Broward County, FL. He has always been passionate about the intersection of science, engineering, and medicine, which drew him to study Biomedical Engineering at Duke University. After graduating in 2006, he worked at Edwards Lifesciences, a leading medical device company, in various engineering, operations, and marketing roles. He left industry to get his MBA at Stanford University. After graduating in the spring of 2012, he briefly worked at MC10, a pioneering wearable computing startup. In the summer of 2012, Ian had the rare opportunity to try an un-released beta of Google Glass (before the world came to know if its existence). He was inspired by the potential that he saw for Glass in healthcare, and dropped everything to found Augmedix, the first Google Glass startup, with mission to re-humanize the doctor-patient interaction.

Ian describes himself as an improv nerd, a foodie, and a regular Burner. He currently lives in San Francisco’s Mission District.

Augmedix is re-humanizing health care.


Kevin Spain, General Partner
Jason Krikorian, General Partner
Gerard van Hamel
Platerink, Managing Director
Tom Rodgers, Senior Vice President
Steven Yecies, Venture Partner

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