Our Products

Ambient Medical Documentation

Augmedix provides industry-leading, synchronous and asynchronous medical documentation products, giving clinicians time to focus on what matters most: high-quality patient care.

Full Suite of Augmedix AI-Powered Products

Augmedix Live

Medical notes and point-of-care support with an Augmedix medical documentation specialist.

Augmedix Notes

Medical notes with Augmedix quality control.

Augmedix Go

Instantaneous draft medical note.

Augmedix Prep

Chart preparation delivered prior to the patient visit.

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How Our Products Work

The Augmedix Notebuilder Platform uses our proprietary Natural Language Processing as well as Automated Speech Recognition, powered by Google Cloud.

What Powers Augmedix Products?

The Augmedix Notebuilder Platform

Uses Automated Speech Recognition, powered by Google Cloud, to transcribe the natural conversation between clinicians and patients.

Applies Natural Language Processing, Large Language Models, and structured data models, supported by medical documentation specialists, to create premium quality medical notes.

Seamlessly inserts medical notes into the EHR for review and sign off by the clinician.

The products run on mobile phones and other mobile hardware devices.

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