Augmedix Go™

An ambient AI product that generates draft medical notes in moments.

Efficiency Redefined

Augmedix Go™ is a cost-effective, AI-driven mobile app that uses ambient AI technology and structured data to instantly draft a medical note after each patient visit. The note is available in the EHR for the clinician to review and sign off.

  • Integrates with leading EHRs
  • Scalable across 50+ ambulatory specialties and the emergency department (ED)
  • Simple and intuitive for clinicians to use
  • Easy, Augmedix-supported implementation process
  • Highly affordable

High-Quality Notes at Scale

Augmedix Go™ is easy-to-use, economical, and can be readily scaled to large numbers of clinicians in a hospital or health system.

How Augmedix Go™ Works

Let your clinicians focus on their patients. Our proprietary technology builds the medical note in the background for quick sign-off after every visit.

See the Patient Notes

See the Patient

Augmedix technology uses automatic speech recognition to capture and transcribe the natural clinician-patient conversation.

Augmedix go Document Visit

Record the Visit

The Augmedix Go™ app leverages natural language processing, including proprietary tuned models based on Google Cloud’s MedLM, among other large language models, and structured data sets, to create a high-quality draft medical note.

Sign Off Notes

Review and Sign

Augmedix Go™ makes it easy for the clinician to review and edit the content before finalizing each note.

Notes That Accommodate Clinician Preferences

Dignity Health

“I’ve had doctors tell me that Augmedix has been life-changing for them.”

– Michael Crandell, Executive Director
Mercy Medical Group

The Impact on Care Delivery

Fully-Automated AI

Augmedix Go is a fully automated ambient medical documentation solution that transforms clinician-patient conversations into detailed, problem-based medical notes in moments.

Easy to Use

Clinicians gain full access to the Augmedix platform and can navigate between the transcript of their conversation, the summary of the problems the patient reported in their visit, and the finalized medical note.

Easy to Implement and Scale

Augmedix takes the lead on implementation and training so that health systems don’t have to. Augmedix Go works with every specialty and can be quickly and easily implemented throughout an entire health system.

Transparent and Trustworthy

Transparency guides Augmedix’s HIPAA-compliant product design. Clinicians can see how the note is created to ensure all of the information captured is accurate, including medications and tests ordered, and guardrails minimize the potential for AI hallucinations.

Augmedix Integrates With Leading EHRs

Full Suite of Augmedix AI-Powered Products

Ambient AI for emergency medicine that generates draft notes in moments.

Ambient AI plus an extra layer of specialist support creates finished notes faster.

Full-service product with a specialist that pends orders and adds referrals, letters, and coding.

Chart preparation delivered prior to the patient visit. Can be bundled into any Augmedix Go product.

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