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Forging an Open and Connected Future

At Augmedix, we value our partnerships, which enable us to deliver comprehensive data solutions that improve patient outcomes for our customers.

Hand in hand with our partners, our goal is to forge an open network of digital health solutions that work seamlessly with Augmedix’s technology, including our open APIs and structured data.

Featured Partners

Andor Health

Achieve More with AI-Powered Virtual Care Experiences.®

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Cloud Technology Implementations and
Structured Data Feeds

Co-Pilot for Mental Health

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Cloud Computing, Generative AI, Medical Multiparty Speech-To-Text (STT)

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Automated Prior Authorization

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Cloud Technology Implementations and Structured Data Feeds

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Changing Clinical Practice. Improving Patient Safety.

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We Work With Popular EHRs

Augmedix is compatible with most major EHR systems. When documentation is uploaded to the EHR, you can trust that Augmedix maintains structured data fidelity and fills out the appropriate granular EHR fields to meet your documentation needs.

Augmedix Has In Depth Experience With

Structured Data Feeds With Augmedix

Our Augmedix platform digitizes the patient encounter, which produces medical documentation and generates structured data.

Not only does Augmedix transfer structured medical notes into the EHR, we can also preserve upstream raw transcripts from the clinician-patient conversation and structured data. We work with hospitals and health systems to submit their structured data to their health system database for high-fidelity data projects that occur outside of the EHR.

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