Spend less time charting

Augmedix is a HIPAA-compliant documentation service that simplifies the way physicians work with their EHR. Physicians are able to chart more efficiently, improve patient's satisfaction, and have better notes.


Face more patients, not EHRs


With the move to electronic health records (EHRs), physicians are spending more time in front of the computer and less time speaking face-to-face with patients. This can hurt practices through lost revenue, reduced provider and patient satisfaction, and charting accuracy.

Augmedix eliminates the biggest pain point of your practice


Physicians wear Augmedix wearable technology while seeing patients.


Visit notes are filled automatically so physicians can focus on patient care.


Physicians review, sign their notes and it’s done!

Physicians wear Augmedix, we do the charting.

Augmedix rehumanizes healthcare through wearable, non-interrupting technology during patient visits. We pair physicians with Google Glass and a team of trained health consultants to automatically document patient visits and ease the hassles of working with EHRs. Augmedix works with all major EHRs to translate the patient-provider interaction into structured data.

Physicians benefit from Augmedix by:


Saving an average of 15 hours a week.


Giving patients more attention during visits.


Improving the quality of patient notes.


Seeing more patients and spending more time with existing ones.


Getting home on time without having to spend additional hours charting.

Leave the charting to us

Augmedix is not another piece of technology you’ll need to stress about. It reduces
the time you need to spend in front of the computer and lets you stay focused on
your patients during and after your day.

Focus on Patients

We remove interrupting technologies
so physicians can better focus on patients.

Less EHR time

Augmedix providers spend 75% less
time writing patient charts in the EHR.

Hundreds of physicians are already using Augmedix


Hany Fouad, MD
Dignity Health

“I cannot imagine my career
 without Augmedix. It slashes
 my work in half.”


Tyler Smith, MD
Roseville Orthopedic Surgery
and Sports Medicine

“With Augmedix, I am able
 to spend more time
 with my family.”


Heather Dountas, PA
Albuquerque, NM

 “Augmedix really allows me
to spend more time with
my patients. I love it.”

See how Augmedix can boost your
productivity and improve patient care.

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