Avoiding Clinician Burnout: Strategies for Improving Satisfaction in the Emergency Department

Mar 2, 2021 | Webinars

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, health systems and provider organizations were already experiencing a growing problem of clinician burnout. Enter COVID-19 and the situation has surged, especially in the Emergency Department where the pressure has always been particularly high even before the effects of the pandemic.

During this 60-minute webinar, a physician-led panel of industry experts will address the growing problem of clinician burnout and the strain placed on busy emergency departments due to COVID-19. They will discuss ways to effectively improve clinician wellness, decrease stressors, and offer practical solutions to improve job satisfaction, physician retention and staffing challenges in the Emergency Department – All elements essential to avoiding a critical disruption to healthcare delivery.

Register now for Avoiding Clinician Burnout: Strategies for Improving Satisfaction in the ED to learn:

  • Best practices to address ED physician satisfaction in a COVID environment
  • Strategies to improve productivity without stressing ED physicians
  • Methods to increase work-life balance for clinicians in the ED
  • Opportunities for ED Management Companies and Health Systems to recruit and retain high-quality physicians in a COVID environment