Remote Scribe

Spend more time on moments that matter

Augmedix allows you to spend drastically less time using your EHR for patient charting.

Save up to 15 hours a week

Push and pull information hands free

Retrieve patient medical history and document the patient visit without interacting with a computer. Your notes are generated in real-time.

Chart notes as easy as done

The chart note is created by remote scribes in real time and typically completed within minutes of each visit.

Use the hours you save to:

Spend more time during the visit
Get home on time
See up to 25% more patients

Rehumanize healthcare and enhance the patient experience

Interact with your patients seamlessly

There’s no need to go into your computer to retrieve information.

Focus on patient care, not your EHR

The chart note is completed in real time while you treat your patient.

Help patients remember care instructions

Send patients home with a detailed summary of the visit.

“It clicked with me when she wasn’t sitting at the computer the whole time… That made it a lot easier for us to interact.”

– Mica, patient of a physician using Augmedix

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