Augmedix simplifies how clinicians work with their EHR

Remote scribes complete notes, you focus on patient care.
Hands free charting

Interact with patients’ medical records simply by using your voice.

Real-time documentation

Augmedix completes patient notes within minutes of the visit ending, in real-time.

End-to-end HIPAA compliance

Augmedix meets or exceeds all HIPAA requirements.

Manage information without being in front of a screen

Access your EHR without interrupting the visit.
Push information

Populate notes, forms, fields, and drop-downs in your EHR without sitting in front of a computer screen.

Pull information

Have patient information delivered to you right on Google Glass or a smartphone device, including labs, medications, allergies and more.

Receive personalized service

Augmedix provides you with a scribe who has been specially trained to work with your practice.
Your scribe is an extension of your team

We learn your specialty, practice style, and clinical cadence in order to merge seamlessly with your personal workflow.

Ask questions, receive answers

Ask your scribe questions and receive answers in real-time.

Rehumanize the patient visit

Augmedix uses wearable technology such as Google Glass so your scribe can document the visit while you focus on your patient.
Improved patient experience

With Augmedix you’re better able to focus on patient care, which patients love. In fact, Augmedix enjoys a 99% global patient acceptance rate.

Increased provider satisfaction

Augmedix frees you from up to a ⅓ of your week spent charting to help you remember why you chose medicine.

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