Frequently asked questions

How do patients react to Augmedix?

Augmedix clinicians are better able to focus on patient care, and as a result, they have received overwhelmingly positive patient feedback. Before a clinician begins to use Augmedix, personalized patient education and consent materials are created for the clinician’s administrative staff. All patients are given a choice to opt-in or opt-out of the Augmedix Service. Our global patient acceptance rate exceeds 99%.

How do I know if my practice is compatible with Augmedix?

In order to be compatible with the Augmedix Service, you’ll need to:
• Have strong, reliable wireless connectivity
• Be currently using an Electronic Health Record
• Be at capacity with respect to number of patients seen per day

Will you be able to work with my Electronic Health Record?

Yes, as long as your office has an internet connection.

I’m a specialized physician, can I still use Augmedix?

Yes. Augmedix currently services clinicians of various specialties, from rheumatology to orthopedics

What if I’m a surgeon? Can I use Augmedix in the Operating Room?

Augmedix is not currently offered in the OR, but is available for use during clinic hours.

Do I need to purchase my own Google Glass or phone device?

No. Augmedix provides an all-in-one subscription service. We will provide you with all the basic materials and equipment needed to use our service.

What security measures does Augmedix have in place to protect Patient Health Information? Is Augmedix HIPAA Compliant?

Yes. Augmedix is HIPAA compliant. Our service is encrypted end-to-end and strict operational protocols are in place to safeguard patient health information. In addition, we regularly subject our security measures to rigorous testing. Augmedix is firmly committed to respecting every patients rights to privacy.

What is the business Return on Investment with Augmedix?

Augmedix value proposition is four-fold:
• Increased Time Savings –Clinicians who use Augmedix save, on average, at least 70% of the time
they previously would have spent on documentation. This newly reclaimed time can be repurposed in-clinic
for other administrative tasks or even to see more patients.
• Increased Clinician Satisfaction — Clinicians who use Augmedix report vastly improved work-life balance and
overall job satisfaction thus lowering costs associated with provider churn.
• Increased Patient Satisfaction — Over 99% of patients with providers who use our service have embraced
Augmedix. Amongst them, over 80% report that the service has improved their patient experience. This
increase in patient satisfaction translates directly into increased patient retention.
• Higher Documentation Quality — Our service is optimally designed to deliver the highest quality patient
notes resulting in improved patient care and payor reimbursement.

What regions of the country does Augmedix service?

Augmedix currently services all time zones throughout the US, including Hawaii and Alaska. Augmedix is also available outside the US, in any English-speaking country.

How does Augmedix utilize AI and technology? Why are human experts (scribes) required on the back-end?

Augmedix harnesses AI technology to supercharge our scribes and improve the quality of their work product, but our unique humans-in-the-loop solution is the only way to get the job done while saving time and re-humanizing the clinician-patient interaction, given the state of technology today.

Augmedix is not dictation or transcription. Augmedix generates notes from natural conversations between patients and clinicians. Other solutions that purport to be largely powered by software or “pure AI,” are most likely a modified form of dictation. In some cases, these software-only solutions will require heavy behavior and workflow change by the already-burdened provider. Such solutions often require time-consuming and awkward moments of word-for-word note dictation and guidance during and after the patient exam.

How much does Augmedix cost?

For more information or a free quote, please contact us.

I’d like to learn more about Augmedix, whom should I contact?

We’ve love to hear from you! Just contact us for more information. For more up-to-date Augmedix coverage follow us on Facebook and Twitter or visit our Press Page!